Run your airco on solar, all sumer long (sample)
Run your airco on solar
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Run your air conditioning on solar all summer long

In recent years it has been getting hotter and hotter in the summer. This is causing more and
more people to purchase air conditioning systems. While it’s pleasant to be cool in the
summer, you also don’t want to pay too much for your energy bill. Fortunately, the sun shines
longer in the summer. So your solar panels generate energy for a longer period. And nothing
beats firing up the air conditioning when it’s so hot and humid outside. To keep your energy
bills low during the hot summer months, there is a solution. Run your air conditioner on solar
power all summer long.

Keep your money in your pocket while keeping your house cool. In America, about 90% of
households have an air conditioner. There is much to win with a solar system.

How much does an average air conditioner consume?

Loose air conditioners often use around 2200 watts. To convert watts to kilowatt-hours
(kWh), divide watts by 1000. Just like the ratio of a kilogram to a gram. So the 2200-watt air
conditioner uses 2.2 kWh.

Now that you know how many kWh are used per hour, it’s time to calculate how long you
turn on the air conditioner. For example, if you have the air conditioner on from 10:00 to
15:00. Then the air conditioner will use 5 times 2.2 kWh. The total consumption of the air
conditioner on that day is then 11 kWh.

A quick look at your energy contract. How much do you pay per kWh? Suppose you pay
€0.23 per kWh. Then the sum is 11 x 0.23 = €1.84. So you pay €1.84 for 5 hours of air
conditioning per day. At first glance, this is not so bad.

Keep in mind that this price is on top of your current energy bill. Summer has about 91 days.
91 x 1,84 = 167,45. This amount comes on top of your energy bill every year. 

Energy consumption is not cooperating with climate goals

While summers are getting warmer, is the advance of air conditioning unstoppable? For
climate goals, this is a disappointing reality. A new air conditioner does not contribute to
achieving the climate goals. This is because it logically consumes more energy.
Because not every house feeds its air conditioners with solar energy, power plants have to
work harder. Especially to meet the rising power demand.
All that carbon contributes to climate change. Most experts agree on that. The 10 warmest
years on Earth have all occurred since 1998. And 9 out of 10 even from 2005.
That means your beloved air conditioner is part of a vicious cycle. A circle that encourages
climate change. Provided your air conditioner uses conventional energy sources and not
your own generated solar energy

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