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The first things that come up when thinking about Red Bull are probably: Energy drinks, extreme sports, and high-performing athletes. The way we see this energy drink comes from years of accumulated branding and a strong brand message. But just like most brands, they come from humble beginnings. At first, consumers didn’t want the drink, there was no market for it yet. But the founders were still able to convince consumers and health officials. Making Red Bull one of the most established energy drink brands.

Red Bull origins

The story of this globally known energy drink began in Thailand. In a small village in the province of Phichit around 1923, Chaleo Yoodidhya was born. Chaleo was the third of a five-child family and hailed from a financially weak background. He had little formal education and dropped out of school early and started working for his parents. His parents were of Chinese descent. They were fruit traders who also raised ducks for a living.

Growing up Chaleo began aspiring for a different kind of life. This feeling made him move to Bangkok, the lively capital of Thailand. There he started working as a pharmaceutical salesman at a chemist shop run by his big brother. He worked there until the early 1960s. Finally, he had saved enough money to start his own pharmaceutical company. He named the company TC Pharmaceuticals. Although the business never became ‘huge’, he made enough profits to have a pleasant life.

Chaleo noticed a shift in Thailand’s economy. More and more people worked in factories or distribution. A large group of Thai people worked long hours or even at night. For example, truck drivers consumed Japanese energy drinks in large quantities to stay awake during their long drives. Chaleo immediately decided to make his energy drink.

Krating Daeng

Early in the 1970s, the formula was ready. The drink made by Chaleo got the name ‘Krating Daeng’. Krating Daeng has the same logo as Red Bull. A yellow circle and two red bulls. Graphic designers rely on design elements. Why? Because they need to create smashing logos that would appeal to their customers. The Red Bull logo doesn’t deviate from this principle. The designer uses graphic elements that match the emotions of the message they want to convey.

The yellow circle takes the role of the sun. This cosmic element represents life, light, energy, and influence. It is also seen as a symbol that represents growth, strength, health, and passion. The two Red Bulls are wild gaurs. This is a bovine species native to Southeast Asia and called krating. The red bulls give hidden emotions to the brand. A bull symbolizes strength, confidence, stability, and endurance.

Most prominent is the color red in Krating Daeng’s logo. Daeng is the Thai word for ”Red”. Red evokes love, passion, and strength. Together with the yellow sun in the background, it shows an energizing feeling. Don’t be mistaken, color’s set moods.

Krating Daeng’s sun has more of a yellow color. Red Bull’s logo looks similar but has more of a gold tone in its circle. This valuable metal represents prosperity, lavishness, and success.

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