Pricing & Payment

Transparent about prices and payment. Here you’ll find all the information you need to get an idea of what our service will cost you and what your investment will provide you.


I provide high-quality professional copywriting and writing services to entrepreneurs, founders, and marketing professionals.

With over a decade of practical experience in Sales, copywriting, and blogging. My experience gives strategic insight into the projects I work on.

I don’t intend to compete with untrained or inexperienced writers. If you want fluff copy for your website, you can go to Fiver, Upwork, or websites like these. My rates don’t compete with writers from ”offshoring” economies. I strive to keep the rates I offer on par with other equally experienced professional copywriters.

Pricing: How I assess fees

To assess fees for regular projects, I consider four parameters.


  1. The time that I consider I will need to complete every aspect of the project
  2. Who is the client
  3. What am I doing for you?
  4. How you use my work

Time spend

The first parameter is: Time spend. Here I consider the total amount of time I will need to finish every aspect of the task. That includes:

  1. Participating in the briefing
  2. Onboarding references and sources a.k.a. ”The Research”
  3. Writing a draft
  4. Editing the draft
  5. Support possible revisions (most of the time less than 2)
  6. Management time


Who is the client?

Enterprise clients get a higher rate than small businesses, founders, or entrepreneurs. If you want to hire me for more projects than one, I will lower my rate for you.


What am I doing for you?

Copywriting is a broad term. Depending on what I need to do for you, the rate varies. If I need to create a one-time blog post for you, it’s easier (and less time-consuming) than providing a converting sales page. Some skills are harder to find than others. Those skills cost just a little more than easy-to-find skills.

How you use my work

A cursory piece of marketing material is worth less than work that can be the cornerstone of a marketing campaign. For example, a blog article fetches less profit (directly) for your company than an email campaign that you can use for six months which gets you lots of profit.

Calculating the fee

I start with the first parameter, ”Time Spent” which I evaluate in 1). After that, I set a charge rate based on my assessment in 2), 3), and 4).

These parameters together result in a Quote along the lines of:

Time Spent * rates = $€£xxxx,- + VAT

There is a minimal charge

Like everyone else, I pick which projects I spend my time on. Because my time is scarce, I cannot start under a certain fee. The fee begins at €200 (£175 / $202) for new projects. For existing customers, the starting amount is significantly lower if I need to make adjustments. So don’t hesitate to contact me.

Blog post fees

Unfortunately, I cannot blog for everyone. This is because of the time it takes to research the target audience, topic, and industry. For this reason, I only work with clients who are serious about the role their blog has in their marketing activity. These clients must be able to provide consistent and professional briefing and review support.

I blog on an ongoing contract basis and ask all blogging clients to make an initial contractual commitment for the first 6 posts. Unless they are monthly posts. In that case, I will suggest a contractual commitment of 3 posts spread over 3 months. Single blog posts do get considered depending on the topic and are priced as normal content projects.

Different Types of Blog Posts

Although, long-form content is popular by no means every client wants only long-form blog posts. My standard product for clients who order blogs on an ongoing basis is what I call “standard. These are generally between 700 and 1,000 words and contain the topic at a high level.

Extended posts are usually between 1500-2500 words in length. This requires a deeper analysis, research, or exposition of data from me.

Standard Post Rates.

I deliver these at the rate of:

– 1 post per week – charged at €210 + VAT/post;

– 1 item every 2 weeks – charged at €420 + VAT/mail 

– 1 post every 4 weeks – charged at €790 + VAT/post.  

Extended postal rates

Posts are quoted individually, but the rate is generally between €400 and €500 + VAT.


My payment policy is as simple and friendly as possible while not exposing myself to unnecessary risk. At least, that is what I strive to. 

Please do not be offended if I ask you to make a full or partial prepayment for the first project I do for you. That is not a criticism of you or your company, and the guarantee in my Terms and Conditions provides you protection as well. I take this measure with all new clients. I thank you for your understanding


You are a client within the European Union

The full project fee is payable in advance. It is invoiced as soon as you book the job. 

May your company’s purchasing policy makes these conditions impossible for you to agree to, please let me know this before contracting the job, this way I can consider whether to agree to alternative terms.

You are a client outside the European union

The full project fee is payable in advance. It is invoiced as soon as you book the job. 

May your company’s purchasing policy makes these conditions impossible for you to agree to, please let me know this before contracting the job, this way I can consider whether to agree to alternative terms. 

You are a Dutch client

The first 50% of the project fee is payable in advance. It is covered by the first of two invoices sent when you book the job.

The second 50% is due in 30 days. It is shown on the second invoice.  

You’re a Client for whom I write ongoing

You are an existing client for whom I write “ongoing” blog posts.

Payment is monthly in advance. I send two invoices, equal to the expected value of the monthly contract, to be issued when the contract is agreed upon.

Before work begins, the first invoice must be paid. The second invoice is due after 30 days, that is, before the work of the second month. New invoices are issued each month, payable after 30 days, covering the next month’s items.

If the workload exceeds the expectation, the gap amount of the agreed quantity will be added to the next month’s invoice. 

You’re a Milestone Client

You are a client with a large project, for example, building an entire website. This task may take several weeks. In this case, the project I divide the project into milestones.

Invoices for all milestones will be issued when you book the project, with payment for each milestone before work begins on the next milestone.

If the project is the first work I do for you, an initial payment will need to be made in advance (for the first milestone).