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Stop wasting your time (and budget) on mediocre and boring copywriting. Keep moving forward with highly engaging content, which actually converts. Get your solution down below.

Let your copy work for you, and not the other way around

Tired of mediocre content and unsatisfactory results? You deserve better. As a marketer or business owner, you know all too well what’s essential, getting a return on investment. The more, the merrier. Whether you want more website traffic, higher conversions, or both – Your content should work for you and not the other way around.

My name is Sjors Groenendaal, and I’m The Writing Salesman. With more than ten years of experience in sales and in-depth knowledge of SEO, it’s time to generate more sales for your project (consistently). I’m a freelance copywriter who makes your marketing work like a charm through intelligent and well-informed copy. Hire me if you want to benefit from over a decade of experience in selling and writing.

The writing salesman

Get record-breaking results with:

Landing page Copywriting

You never get another chance to make a first impression. Therefore, a landing page is your first – and also – last chance to convince the visitor that your service/product is what they need.

Website Copy Makeover

Whether you are just starting out or just want to go in a completely different direction. Great content is essential to your success. We write all the content for your website.

Compelling copy for your website

Incisive and intelligent writing will rank your website, grabs (and holds) visitors attention, and builds engagement with your audience.

Awe-inspiring and breathtaking Copy

Copywriting is a mix between art and science. In bad copy, one or both of these elements are missing. Our copy is 100% researched with a touch of magic.


Struggling to convert website visitors into customers? Time to make your copy from persuasive to awe-inspiring.

Blog Post Writing

Turn your blog into killer content, instead of filler content. You will get 100% original, well-researched, engaging and SEO optimized Blog posts.

Social Profiles

All the magic words you need to make your social media account stand out. We get your profile or campaign ready for the Internet.

Social Media Copy

Social media can massively increase your outreach. But users’ attention span is getting shorter and shorter. By communicating effectively, we take attention away from the competition while your business grows.

Boost your traffic MASSIVELY with Social Media

New website, or disappointing SEO results? In most markets, competition is fierce. Blogging alone doesn’t work or works too slowly. Hoist all sails with your social media channels, and get ready to ride the wild waves of the Internet, as fast as possible.

Persuasive copy that sells: The Salesman's toolkit

Incisive and intelligent writing will rank your website, grabs (and holds) visitors attention, and builds engagement with your audience. Like a carpenter, the salesperson also has a toolbox. To generate more sales, you need powerful copy to convert prospects into customers. Increase your conversion rates with well-thought-out encouraging sales scripts and emails.

Get a converting Sales Script

Sales Script or Perfect Pitch

Need a convincing pitch? One of those that scream, ”Where can I sign?” Or maybe you need an interactive sales script so your salespeople are never at a loss for words.

Email marketing

Email Marketing

Finally, gathered a solid mailing list? Time to make some money out of it. We write the copy to turn your mailing list into a real profit machine. Read more…